Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunglass Hut and OneSight- Proudly South Africa

Sunglass Hut- the international Sunglass retailer has shifted its focus... All eyes are on South Africa, with the Soccer World Cup kicking off in a matter of weeks, Sunglass Hut South Africa launches "TOTALLY WIRED"

Sunglass Hut launches its Totally Wired fund raising campaign to help visually-impaired South Africans in need.
CAPE TOWN, 21 May 2010: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – but what does this mean for someone with poor vision? While the world is watching the beautiful game next month, Sunglass Hut is raising funds for  South Africans who cannot afford eye care. The Sunglass Hut Totally Wired initiative aims to help local men, women and children see clearly for the first time.
“The need for eye care in South Africa is great,” comments Mike Elliot, Sunglass Hut South Africa’s General Manager. “We are excited and proud to be part of an initiative that provides free eye care and eyewear to impoverished communities. At Sunglass Hut, we understand fashion – and what can be cooler than giving the gift of sight to those in need?”
Eye candy
Sunglass Hut has commissioned the social development project Streetwires to produce 1 000 beaded wayfarer sunglasses in the colours of selected teams’ flags. These uniquely numbered, individually crafted 2010 mementos are a fun, fashionable way to celebrate the World Cup and make a difference in the life of a fellow-South African. For each pair sold, R70 will be donated to OneSight, the charity fondation dedicated to supplying basic eye care to thousands in need.
Take a walk on the wired side
The uniquely South African sunglasses will be on sale in Sunglass Hut stores around the country from early June. For R150, you get a limited edition collector’s item and unlimited pleasure from giving someone else their vision back. Branded TOTALLY WIRED, each work of art will be uniquely numbered and signed by the artist.
Money for glam
Sunglass Hut will launch its Totally Wired campaign on 9 June with a sparkling fundraiser event at the Misael Art Gallery. Hosting the event, Nick Rabinowitz will introduce the auction of extraordinary wire work sunglass masterpieces from the Streetwires/Indalo Project design collaboration. Each over-the-top bespoke creation will be sold to the highest bidder, with all money going to The OneSight Foundation.
Here’s looking at you, kid
Being able to see clearly is something we often take for granted – but for many, a pair of glasses costs more than couple of month’s salary. Poor vision impairs a child’s ability to learn in school and play with friends. For adults, it negatively affects their quality of life and ability to work. OneSight, the global Sunglass Hut CSI initiative, is a charity dedicated to providing eye exams and glasses to those in need. Every year, clinics are held in poor communities around the world to give many thousands of people their sight back.
Fun in the sunglasses
The Totally Wired campaign runs for the month of the World Cup. This is your chance to do good, feel good and look good while all eyes are on South Africa. Wear your Totally Wired sunglasses from Sunglass Hut with pride!

Prepared by Press Stick for Sunglass Hut. For more information contact or call.

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